About The Idaho Source Water Collaborative

The Idaho Source Water Protection Collaborative consists of various federal, state, local, and nonprofit organizations and water purveyors that play a role in protecting Idaho’s drinking water sources.

The collaborative’s members are interested in protecting Idaho’s drinking water sources and recognize that all communities depend on clean drinking water supplies to protect and enhance public health, environmental quality, economic development, public finance, and quality of life. 

The collaborative recognizes that a coordinated approach to protecting drinking water strengthens each organization and leverages resources. Members understand that protecting drinking water sources is not the responsibility of one entity but requires a combined effort of many partners:

  • Public water systems and water purveyors
  • Federal, state, and local governments
  • Resource managers
  • Businesses
  • The public

 Our Mission

The collaborative’s members are committed to working together to protect Idaho’s drinking water sources now and in the future. To further this mission, the members will work to achieve these goals:

  • Raise awareness of the importance and value of source water protection.
  • Enhance coordination of protection efforts.
  • Provide information and sample documents in support of protection efforts.
  • Recognize successful protection efforts and provide examples for communities to use as models.

Our Work

By participating in the collaborative, our members agree to the following:

  • Share information with each other by participating in biannual meetings.
  • Collaborate on source water protection activities with partner organizations to promote protection and coordination, when possible.
  • Provide information to the public by contributing information to the source water collaborative website and participating in other outreach and education opportunities.
  • Function as effective and respected champions to accomplish our mission to protect drinking water sources in Idaho.

Disclaimer: The Idaho Source Water Collaborative supports the protection of clean and safe drinking water; it is not an enforcement or advisory group. The collaborative does not provide guidance to any decision-making body or organization. This statement expresses our intent. It does not create any rights or benefits, substantive or procedural, enforceable at or in equity by any person against any party to this statement. By signing this statement, none of the organizations listed are obligating funds nor making a commitment to provide funding to any organization or individual in the future. Further, the collaborative cannot endorse the sale or purchase of products or services developed by the participating organizations.