Restrictions on Salmon River to protect spawn start Aug. 15

Idaho News
Magic Valley Times News Salmon spawning. Restrictions on the Upper Main Salmon River within the Sawtooth National Recreation Area begin Aug. 15. These restrictions are in effect each summer to provide spawning salmon their best chance to successfully lay their eggs in the gravels of the Salmon River, over 900 miles from the Pacific Ocean. On Aug. 15, the following stretches of river are closed to boating: Buckhorn Bridge to Stanley, Mormon Bend to Yankee Fork, and Torrey’s Takeout to the Eastern boundary of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. At this time, Indian Riffles and Torrey’s Hole are designated Quiet Zones. Quiet Zones require boaters to seek deep water, remain in their boats, and minimize paddling or other activities that may disturb spawning fish. Lower O’Brien Campground, the river side…
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