Feds say water cuts to 3 states are enough to protect Colorado River – for now

National News
By Jennifer Solis; Idaho Capital Sun California, Arizona and Nevada agreed to collectively reduce water use by at least 3 million acre-feet through end of 2026 The plan by three states to reduce water use by millions of acre-feet is sufficient to keep major reservoirs in the West from reaching critically low levels and prevent additional water cuts — at least temporarily. (Jeniffer Solis/Nevada Current) A robust water year for the Colorado River has given states that rely on the mighty waterway a few more years of stability as climate change takes its toll, federal officials said Wednesday. Last year, federal officials gave Western states two options to protect the over-allocated Colorado River from the effects of a two-decade megadrought: Either reach a consensus to voluntarily reduce water use or…
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IWRRI Seminar – Selected Private Sector Water Projects in Idaho

Abstract The private sector is moving forward with many interesting water projects in Idaho, including the following: Cat Creek Water and Energy -- a proposed Pumped Storage Hydro (PHS) project with a 10,000 cfs flow rate and a 100,000 acre-foot off-stream storage reservoir in the upper Boise River Basin. Lost Valley Reservoir Enlargement -- a proposed 20,000 acre-foot enlargement of a 10,000 acrefoot reservoir in the upper Weiser River Basin. Recharge Development Corporation -- private aquifer recharge for credit in a basin. Clean Water Partners -- private cleaning of agricultural drain water for water trading credits. This presentation provides a survey of some of the interesting aspects of these projects, demonstrating the joys of working in the field of water in Idaho. Locations:    UI-Moscow @ CNR 14 UI-Boise @ Water Center 250…
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Finding an alternative water source for the Palouse

Idaho News
Moscow-Pullman Daily News The Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee is currently evaluating additional water sources for Latah and Whitman counties. Robin Nimmer, a senior hydrologist in the Water Resources Division at Alta Science and Engineering, spoke at the League of Women Voters of Moscow speaker forum Wednesday about how to ensure a lasting supply of water for the communities. "We've known about water level decline for a very long time," she said. "The wells aren't flowing anymore and we actually have data that shows us the water level is declining in our aquifer." Nimmer has recently been working with the Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee, which was formed in the 1980s, to evaluate alternative water sources for the region. The committee's mission since its start has been to plan for continued use…
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