IWRRI Seminar – Selected Private Sector Water Projects in Idaho

Abstract The private sector is moving forward with many interesting water projects in Idaho, including the following: Cat Creek Water and Energy -- a proposed Pumped Storage Hydro (PHS) project with a 10,000 cfs flow rate and a 100,000 acre-foot off-stream storage reservoir in the upper Boise River Basin. Lost Valley Reservoir Enlargement -- a proposed 20,000 acre-foot enlargement of a 10,000 acrefoot reservoir in the upper Weiser River Basin. Recharge Development Corporation -- private aquifer recharge for credit in a basin. Clean Water Partners -- private cleaning of agricultural drain water for water trading credits. This presentation provides a survey of some of the interesting aspects of these projects, demonstrating the joys of working in the field of water in Idaho. Locations:    UI-Moscow @ CNR 14 UI-Boise @ Water Center 250…
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EPA moves to give states, tribes more power to protect water rights

National News
By Michael Phillis & Suman Naishadham; Associated Press ST. LOUIS (AP) — The Biden administration on Thursday proposed undoing a Trump-era rule that limited the power of states and Native American tribes to block energy projects like natural gas pipelines based on their potential to pollute rivers and streams. The Clean Water Act allows states and tribes to review what effect pipelines, dams and some other federally regulated projects might have on water quality within their borders. The Trump administration sought to streamline fossil fuel development and made it harder for local officials to block projects. The Biden administration’s proposed rule would shift power back to states, tribes and territories. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan said in a statement that the agency’s draft regulation would empower local entities to…
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