Over $300,000 awarded to water, wastewater facilities across Idaho


BOISE, Idaho — The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality announced today that they are awarding $331,741 to nine drinking water and wastewater systems across Idaho. The funding for the grant award was made possible under Governor Brad Little’s “Leading Idaho” plan, the news release said.

“Families, farmers, ranchers, and all Idaho residents rely on clean, efficient water and wastewater systems. These systems are not only a crucial part of our way of life, but our economy as well. Funding for these projects from my Leading Idaho plan aims to ensure that Idaho residents – especially those in our rural communities – can depend on our water and wastewater infrastructure for generations to come,” Idaho Governor Brad Little said.

This grant provides 50 percent of the necessary funding for each of these water systems to do things such as “to prepare a drinking water planning study and environmental review to evaluate the current drinking water system and identify needed improvements,” they said.

The following water systems received funding:

City of Buhl: $83,000

City of Filer: $58,365

City of Franklin: $30,000

City of Iona: $30,000

King Hill Domestic Water and Sewer Association: $22,776

Meadow Creek Property Owners Association: $30,000

City of Spirit Lake: $37,500

Trow Creek Water Association: $17,500

Woodland Shores Water and Sewer Association: $22,600

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